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Have you ever considered that your pastor, your worship leader, your youth or children’s pastor may be in crisis? If they were struggling in their marriage would you know? Could they be dealing with burnout or a personal issue? If they were being persecuted in some way, would they tell you? And what about the missionaries your church supports? Can you possibly know all of the challenges they encounter?

Pastors, ministry leaders and missionaries are human. They are not perfect or immune to problems, challenges or personal issues in their ministry, marriage or family. In fact, those in ministry are probably more at risk, because the enemy knows if he can bring down a pastor, a ministry leader, a missionary…marriages can collapse, families can be divided, churches can be torn apart, and entire communities can be shaken.

Where do they go for help?

Shepherd’s Heart Ministry exists to be God’s ministry to His hurting shepherds. Our vision is healing and restoration for those in crisis, strengthening marriages, and equipping leaders with knowledge and tools to complete the work to which God has called them. When God’s shepherds are healthy, His kingdom grows!

“Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with

knowledge and understanding.”     Jeremiah 3:15

June 17, 2024

4th Annual SHM Golf Tournament

Raccoon Creek Golf Course

June 30-July 12, 2024





Classes will begin September 2024. For more information on the SHM Training Institute, click here.

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