Philosophy and Mission

Our mission is to provide healing and restoration to pastors, missionaries, and ministry leaders of influence who are in crisis and to present prevention skills to leaders which will empower them to avoid situations that could lead to a crisis.

Shepherd’s Heart Ministry recognizes the pain and isolation that ministry leaders can face in their relationships and ministry assignments. We know that leaders are often alone and without the resources and support they need when a crisis erupts around them, and we are there to partner with the resources of heaven to bring hope and healing into their lives.

What We Offer

Shepherd’s Heart offers ministry leaders real solutions to real problems. We offer answers without the spiritual clichés and affect healing with practical solutions.

We offer practical “boots on the ground” tools that are biblically based along with the deep work of the Holy Spirit that brings freedom from the deep wounds of the past and hope for a future.

We offer confidential counseling intensives in one of our retreat centers to those in crisis and preventive workshops/teachings to ministry teams in their ministry environment.

Our Methods

Shepherd’s Heart is biblically-based, Christ-centered, and Holy Spirit-led. We guide leaders and their spouses towards healing by combining spiritual principles with a range of relevant and appropriate professional counseling tools.

Restoration Process for Moral Failure

Whenever possible, it is our goal to restore a ministry leader who has experienced moral failure back into the ministry. Using the utmost professional discretion, this process may include working with the leader and their family, the church congregation, board, and/or staff. Often, ongoing accountability can be established to help guard against any potential future indiscretions.

Intensive Crisis Counseling

SHM offers five-day residential counseling to husband/wife ministry couples in crisis due to burnout, marriage issues, moral failure, or conflict/wounding in or from their ministry assignment.

The Setting

Intensive counseling is conducted at one of our beautiful Retreat Centers. We provide a safe, private, loving, and comfortable place that allows leaders and their spouses to focus on the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

Preventative Programs

Many of our counselors are prepared to provide preventative workshops and conferences to your staff, leadership, or congregation. Group programs are designed to keep leadership or congregations spiritually healthy, help maintain strong marriages, and help leaders identify issues that can become problems if not addressed.