Retreat Centers

Morning Star Retreat Center

Colorado, USA

The beauty of the nearby Rocky Mountains, the amazing sunsets and peaceful surroundings provide the perfect atmosphere for reflection and healing.

Peaceful Ponderosa Pines

Retreat Center

Colorado, USA

The sweet spirit and beauty surrounding Peaceful Ponderosa Pines soothes the hurting heart and brings hope to those in need.

Respite House Retreat Center

South Carolina, USA

The Southern charm and hospitality at Respite House encourages conversation and room to breathe in God’s healing Spirit.   

Hacienda Makaria Retreat Center

Arizona, USA

This desert oasis declares the wonder and glory of God’s creation. Reconnect with Him, restore relationships, and be revived in the call He has given.

Lil’ Blue Retreat Center

Washington, USA

There is something incredibly healing and peaceful about Lil’ Blue. A walk on the beach or quiet time on the deck brings perspective and hope.

Silver Eagle Sanctuary

Ontario, Canada

Stunning views overlooking Eagle Lake will inspire peace and minister to your soul as you meet God here. Let go, and let Him work.

Perdon y Amistad Oasis

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A quaint Mexican Oasis in Puerto Vallarta where Spanish is spoken, God’s love is evident, and healing takes precedence.

Beth Haccerem


The panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee provides the perfect atmosphere for time alone and personal healing.